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Steel Deck

Steel Deck

Steel decks are an efficient way to create floors or ceilings – using long, ribbed steel panels (usually galvanized, to avoid any corrosion) that span between two beams. The panels are usually up to 6m long.

They often are used in a “hybrid” way, combined with a relatively concrete layer on top. The concrete then provides thermal mass and acoustic insulation – it’s just a clean, fast and efficient alternative for “normal” concrete floors.

Steel deck is a smart building system:

  • faster than normal concrete slabs, as no forms are necessary
  • lighter than normal concrete slabs
  • can immediately take some load and provide shelter
  • can be combined with other building systems
  • can use concrete for thermal mass or insulation
  • clean underside – some like to leave it exposed for modern interiors

Limitations of steel deck construction

  • although simple, may need specialized labor
  • needs other building systems for thermal mass, sound insulation, thermal insulation

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