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RentalBuild is a group of architects and consultants, making life easier for investors that want to build-to-rent.

They offer:

  • a wide range of highly successful exterior designs;
  • a wide range of plans, optimized for easy construction and rental returns
  • know how that helps you minimize risk and optimize returns
  • customized designs for fees that make other architects pale

Choose a few designs and floor plans you like – and within weeks (or days) RentalBuild will put together an efficient design that allows you to get a quote

One of the many RentalBuild façades to choose from

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Architects & Engineers

Many BuildBoxx building systems are so easy that you do not need architects or engineers.

But if you dó need one: we source competent architects and engineers around the world. If you live in an area where architects are expensive, you can benefit from our

Architectural Design:

Architects are specialized in “creating” – almost sculpting – buildings that look good ánd feel good. In the old days, clients had to try and understand what their house would be like through floor plans, elevations and cross sections.

Nowadays, top architects allow you to visualize your house, in fine detail, before it’s even built!


While architects focus on “what” has to be built, engineers focus on “how” to build this.

  • structural engineers calculate the strength needed for the structure of the house – so it resists the loads from its own weight and use, plus wind pressure, hurricanes, bushfires and earthquakes… where applicable!
  • MEP engineers (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) make sure that you have enough heating/cooling, electrical power, water pressure etc. where you need it.
  • Even more specialized engineers (lighting, airconditioning, home automation) may be necessary as well.

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  • structural engineer
  • electrical engineer
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