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Container Homes

Container homes are based on shipping containers. Shipping containers have standard sizes – mostly 20 or 40 ft long, and 8 ft tall (or 9 ft for the “high cubes”).

The structure of containers depends mostly on the sturdy posts at the four corners: these are smartly engineered so extremely heavy containers can still be stacked on top of each other.

The “walls” connect the posts and prevent them from shearing i.e. falling to the side.

While many DIY’ers have built their homes from used containers

Why are container homes smart?

  • it’s a cheap and easy way to get a simple structure

What are the limitations of container homes?

  • sizes are a bit too narrow and low for comfortable living
  • steel heats up tremendously so you may need tonnes of insulation
  • used containers may have traces of chemicals
  • when cutting out parts of the walls, structural reinforcements will be necessary

Some good advice from BuildBoxx

  • consider buying new containers
  • consider buying only the container structure – using other walls like SIPs

BuildBoxx rating

  • Cost efficiency: ***
    • initial cost ***
    • lifetime cost ***
  • Comfort:
    • thermal insulation: ****
    • sound insulation: ***
    • air quality: ***
  • Ecology:
    • embedded energy: ***
    • renewable: ***