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Geodetic Domes

Do you know the Eskimo’s “Igloos”? Geodetic domes are part of a “ball” shaped surface.

The ball shape is the most “efficient” shape in nature: it contains maximum inside space for a minimum outside surface.

Of course, ball-shaped homes are not easy to build (or furnish). But they cán be built with a limited number of different parts, usually forming triangles, pentagons or hexagons. While hundreds of parts may be necessary, you often need only 5 or 6 different parts!

Another advantage is that geodetic domes can take a lot of pressure (wind, snow) with a relatively light structure. Pressures from one side are transferred out over the dozens of ribs, and of course the round shape helps the wind flow around it rather than hit it frontally.

Are geodetic domes smart?

  • creates shelter with a minimum of structure
  • can be made with transparent skins
  • can be made with a limited number of different parts

What are limitations of geodetic domes?

  • not easy to furnish, low ceiling height on the sides
  • not easy to insulate