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A Vrame are specialists in A-frames, based in Northern Europe – where they benefit from the abundance of wood available near them as well as low labour costs and taxation.

As a result, they are well-positioned as a supplier for A-Frame Houses.

a frame

They have a range of models from 30 to 120m2 that are easily combined and customized.

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A-frame houses are made by leaning 2 tall walls against each other – so they look like an A.

These tall walls act as walls and roofs at the same time, making construction extremely simple. When tall enough, there is space for a second floor, usually used for bedroom lofts.

The simple structure makes them easy to build, even for self builders. as it lacks the typical connections between floors-walls and walls-roofs which require more building know-how.

Although a little space can get lost under the “leaning” walls, these are usually used well for storage and installations.

Why are A-frame buildings smart?

  • simple: one single panel does the job of walls and roofs
  • the panels lean against each other, making it a structurally sound system that resists well to winds etc.
  • easy to self build, especially with SIPS or other sandwich panels
  • less volume to heat/cool

What are the limitations of A-frames?

  • In smaller sizes, the walls may feel as if they’re closing in on you
  • Windows and doors are often limited to the front and back – and need some triangular shapes. It is possible to put them in the leaning sides… but then you loose some of the simplicity.
  • The leaning sides must be positioned well depending on the climate. If positioned east or west, they will catch a lot of sun.
  • Sometimes perceived as a “cheap” solution and visually less imposing than a “normal” building with the same m2