Our Services

Build with us

Our experts know how to hack the system, and get you much better quality and value than the – let’s admit it – relatively archaic typical builder.

We achieve this through:

  • mastering new building technologies from around the world
  • economies of scale, buying for multiple clients worldwide
  • eliminating the margins of exporters, importers and wholesalers
  • minimal overheads, as we’re fully on-line ánd located in a high tech but low cost, low tax European country

Minimum volumes apply, but if you’re a (semi)professional developer or investor chances are that a quick contact with us can save you large sums of money.

Our Services

Buy With Us

BuildBoxx has a team of professional buyers that source building materials around the world, from Poland to Bulgaria over Africa to China. They know what to get where at what price.

We often buy directly from the manufacturer and group purchases from multiple clients in one bulk order.

Worldwide container shipments have become very affordable and we’ll handle the logistics for you.

So if you can play your purchase a little in advance, contact our buying team and tell us what you need!