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A Vrame are specialists in A-frames, based in Northern Europe – where they benefit from the abundance of wood available near them as well as low labour costs and taxation.

As a result, they are well-positioned as a supplier for A-Frame Houses.

a frame

They have a range of models from 30 to 120m2 that are easily combined and customized.

glamping tents Hospitality Buildings Sellers Weekend Homes

BuildBoxx Bathroom

Bathrooms and Kitchens are only 20% of a house – but 80% of its complications!

This is where humidity, heat, smells, electricity, plumbing, sewerage all come together.

In contrast, living rooms or bedrooms need little more than a few electricity connections!

So BuildBoxx has created a “kitchen in a box” and “bathroom in a box” that can be used as a cornerstone for an easy (self) building.

Unlike most kitchen “kits”, BuildBoxxes are “structural”: they come as a sturdy “box” that easily connects to walls and roofs.

And they come with dozens of designs for homes that were specifically designed for easy of construction!

BuildBoxxes are also a perfect solution to add luxury to a glamping tent or hotel/motel.



SysTimber is a Belgian mass timber system. Instead of stacking logs horizontally, SysTimber connects dozens of vertical pieces with a proprietary steel connector. The wood elements have a smart tongue-and-groove system, and they are “pressed” together with the steel connector using nothing more than an electrical drill.

Extremely easy, it is perfectly suited for small add-on buildings – although entire homes can be built with it.

What is smart about SysTimber?

  • easy and fast to (self) build
  • nice looks – does not necessarily need finish

What are the limitations of SysTimber?

  • Walls are relatively thin, so for permanent living may require additional insulation
  • You’ll need another system for floors and roofs