BuildBoxx Ratings

Every material has pro’s and con’s. But most websites are driven by providers that only want to show you their strengths.

BuildBoxx gives you easy, objective and visual clues that tell you how good – or bad – any building system scores on your criteria.

1 Cost efficiency

Up front cost

Some building systems cost more in the beginning, but end up saving you money in maintenance or energy.

Long term cost

Will this building system cost you money in the long term, for repairs, maintenance, etc?

Energy cost

Will this building system cost – or save – you money by increasing, or reducing, the need for energy?

2 Comfort

Thermal Insulation

A well insulated house keeps the temperature

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Concrete Precast

Traditionally, concrete was cast on-site, using rough molds or “forms” that can be used only a few times or (even just once). The concrete is then poured in or on the forms, using heavy concrete delivery trucks and pumps.

Yet in factory conditions, concrete panels can be cast with much more precision.

The concrete can be mixed just-in-time; under perfect conditions, and in smooth molds with vibrator tables so no air bubbles are trapped inside the concrete.

As a result, panels that are cast in factories are smoother, stronger and more precise. They are called “pre”-cast because they are made bef√≥re they are going to the build site.

Transporting pre-cast concrete panels and putting them in place requires heavy transport and cranes. But bear in mind that otherwise the same amount of concrete (plus molds) had to be transported as well.

The factory conditions allow for the concrete panels to be slightly thinner than they would be if produced on site. And insulation material can be sandwiched inside the panels as well, so the panels offer

Pre-cast concrete panel being hoisted in place by crane

Pre-cast concrete panels are smart:

  • smooth, quality concrete, cast to precise measures
  • can be esthetically nice enough to leave unfinished
  • can include insulation in one go
  • quick to install, a house goes up in one or two weeks

The limitations of pre-cast concrete panels?

  • heavy so may require more foundations
  • limits to dimensions because of transport and mold limitations
  • the insulation is usually sandwiched inside; where ideally it should be on the outside
  • the concrete panel exposed to the sun acts as a heat storage
  • you’ll need to drill to hang up anything on the walls
  • installations (electricity, plumbing) usually have to be added inside an additional inner wall layer (like plasterboard on studs)

BuildBoxx rating

  • Cost efficiency: ***
    • initial cost ***
    • lifetime cost ***
  • Comfort:
    • thermal insulation: ****
    • sound insulation: ***
    • air quality: ***
  • Ecology:
    • embedded energy: ***
    • renewable: ***

Pre-Cast concrete


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